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Our vision

Making a better world through smarter manufacturing 

When it all started, in 1999, we had a vision for the factory of the future. The concept: to use information technology to seamlessly integrate all the different elements of the manufacturing process, including, machines, materials, people, and enterprise systems. Our objective was to optimize the electronic assembly process with the intent to eliminate, or effectively reduce, all types of human errors along with the associated waste and potential product failures. Fast forward to the present and this vision is now widely shared by the manufacturing industry under such programs as Industry 4.0, IIoT, Big Data/Analytics.

Our manufacturing engineering background makes us focus on creating applications that result in a strong and immediate impact for manufacturers. We develop Track, Trace, and Control (TTC) solutions because these are the most critical applications for electronics assembly. They truly deliver the greatest cost reduction and productivity gain. The Cogiscan suite of TTC solutions includes world-class Material Control, Traceability and TTC Analytics to achieve significant improvements in visibility, quality, and productivity.

We believe that no company can be the best at everything and, the factory of the future will not be achieved with one huge enterprise system but rather through a series of best of breed applications that can integrate seamlessly. Our leadership in TTC technology, along with our open collaborative approach, enables us to form strong partnerships with leading industry equipment and software vendors. This means that you can count on a solution that will seamlessly integrate with your operations now and in the future.

When the electronic industry produces more consciously, reducing waste, and insuring product reliability and safety, we all benefit from a better world through smarter manufacturing.

André Corriveau, Vincent Dubois, François Monette, Co-Founders

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