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Cogiscan Superior IT Technology

When Cogiscan was founded, in 1999, we had a clear vision of the factory the future and we designed the TTC platform architecture to realize this vision in such a way that we would never run into a wall in terms of performance and capability. As a result, over the past 15 years we have been able to continually expand and improve our product, gradually adding new features and functions without compromising performance and reliability and most importantly without having to restart to start a new product revision from scratch. Cogiscan’s highly modular software design enables stable evolution based on a proven, robust, and reliable platform.

Technologies behind the Cogiscan platform

The development of our TTC platform is based on leading programming software and IT technologies. Our developers are constantly upgrading their tools and methods to benefit from the latest advancements.

Benefits for our customers

The use of Java and the design of our platform enable the support of older and newer operating systems, providing a wider range of options to our customers and reducing the cost of system implementation and maintenance. The speed of response of our applications is extremely fast even in very large production environments. All maintenance of the system is highly automated, including automatic data archiving over time.


Cogiscan holds a number of patents around the world for TTC hardware and and TTC application software.

Patent number Country Topic
US7,069,100 USA Generic TTC concept applied to MSD Control
US7,286,888 USA Generic TTC concept
US7,589,633 USA RFID feeder detection system
4642742 Japan RFID feeder detection system
MX261442 Mexico Generic TTC concept
DE (European) Patent No. 1279075 Germany Generic TTC concept
UK (European) Patent No. 1279075 UK Generic TTC concept
ZL01808397.8 China Generic TTC concept
ZL200580012050.0 China Reel detection
US8,282,008 USA Reel detection
92887 Canada Industrial design for the Smartclip

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