The Co-NECT interface is a simple and fast solution to help you quickly gather and share machine data. 

Co-NECT is :

  • PROTOCOL AGNOSTIC  – Receives data from connected machines in any format and exports that data in your required format, including CAMX, CFX, SECS/GEM and others
  • MODULAR  – Adapts to every customer’s manufacturing ecosystem
  • FLEXIBLE  – Supports all present and future industry standards
  • MATURE – Supports all proprietary interfaces from leading equipment and software vendors
  • COMPREHENSIVE – Same solution across different machine types, models, vintages, and capabilities
  • CONFIGURABLE – Integrates with third party applications to enrich collected data
  • SCALABLE – Compatible with Cogiscan’s Data Management and TTC Applications


Connectivity is fundamental to implement features and functions of Industry 4.0, IIoT or Smart Factory solutions. The goal is that the connectivity is simple and standardized but in today’s production environment we see all kinds of different machine
models with different interfaces and controllers depending on the age. As customers like to improve production quality and overall output of the whole plant we need to be able to connect every machine, and that means legacy system that may have been installed 5 to 15 years ago”

Peter Bollinger – CEO of iTAC Software,  The Connectivty Conundrum Article published by I4.0 Today


All Smart Manufacturing initiatives are now achievable, #butfirstCoNECT with Cogiscan.

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Read The Connectivty Conundrum Article published by I4.0 Today HERE!

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