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MSD Control in a High Reliability Production Environment

As the packaging of integrated circuits (IC) increasingly shifts from ceramic to plastic, the concerns relating to moisture sensitivity and the appropriate precautions has grown significantly. The JEDEC council of Arlington, VA and IPC of Northbrooke, IL released a joint publication, J-STD-033, in 1999. Th industry standard provides guidelines for the handling, packaging, and storage of moisture sensitive devices. Since the release of J-STD-033, companies have worked diligently to implement procedures for monitoring MSDs that comply with the standard.

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Practical issues and solutions for handling plastic encapsulated microcircuits (pems)

The industry standard was found to be very challenging to implement on the production floor using traditional manual logs and procedures. The key issues were related to the complicated logistics associated with tracking and monitoring a wide variety of PEMs and their remaining floor life in various environments. The solution that was ultimately implemented at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems relies on a software system that automates the tracking and monitoring of PEMs in full compliance with the guidelines of the industry standard (PEMs are also known as moisture-sensitive devices or MSDs).

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