Traceable Production System

Electronic Manufacturers/EMS

The What and Why of Trace, Track & Control

By W. Scott Fillebrown, Chief Technology Officer of Libra Industries, We think of traceability as a process for the medical or military OEMs who were supported by the large…

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Positive Improvements from Creating a Connected, Intelligent and Traceable Production System

Saline Lectronics examines the benefits to Cogiscan’s enhanced traceability and the positive outcomes of creating an interconnected, intelligent factory. Different types of machines automatically communicating to each other and seamlessly sharing data…

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Traceability at Semecs

In 2008 Semecs was requested by some of their major strategic automotive customers to implement a fully automated material tracking and traceability solution for their facility located in Vrable, Slovakia. The Semecs automotive customers were looking for a very high level of product tracking and traceability, from receiving to final packing. They required comprehensive information about the product history: when each product is produced and in which line/workstation, what the machine settings were, which material and component batches were used, and what inspection and test results have been recorded.

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Ensuring traceability Accuracy

Jabil wanted to meet the traceability requirements of a top customer. “We wanted a solution that would be extremely reliable and that could be easily integrated with our internal traceability system, without having to invest in a completely separate software package or MES system,” recounts Ram Dornala from Jabil. “Cogiscan offered us the right product while showing a great deal of flexibility.”

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Fast & Accurate Traceability

Flash Electronics responded to customer requirements for component level traceability by implementing a material tracking solution from Cogiscan. The system had to be configured and deployed rapidly to meet tight deadlines demanded by their customers. The Cogiscan Traceability package was installed across multiple lines at a Flash Electronics facility in Suzhou, China.

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