Co-NECT: Smart Factory Foundation


Connectivity is the foundation, and the critical first step, of any smart factory journey. By implementing a solution that allows for thorough and accurate data collection, you can build a robust infrastructure in order to achieve your factory digitalization initiatives.

We understand that there is no one-size solution for factory connectivity – that’s why we offer a modular, flexible, and vendor-neutral platform that adapts to your manufacturing environment.

Find out why many industry-leading companies rely on our Co-NECT technology for their smart factory connectivity needs.



Connect all disparate assembly equipment to communicate in a common language.

Cost Effective

Secure future-proof connectivity without a large upfront cost. Pay as you go.

Headache Free

Our central platform allows you to easily upgrade, troubleshoot & monitor performance.

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By collaborating with Cogiscan we are able to implement their robust off-the-shelf Co-NECT interfaces for all major brands of SMT equipment, so our customers can easily integrate our solutions within any production environment.

Matteo Padoan, COO at Essegi Storage Solutions

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