MSD Control application

Cogiscan Moisture Sensitive Device Control is the bench mark in Material and Process Control – providing real-time tracking of MSDs in full compliance with the IPC/JEDEC latest standard J-STD-033D.

Discover the latest changes in Revision D requirements for J-STD-033 :

  • Bake table has added three new rows. Row 033C {Package Body Thickness ≤ 1.4 mm} has been split into three { Package Body Thickness <0.5mm, Thickness >0.5mm ≤0.8mm & Thickness >0.8mm ≤1.4mm }.
  • Bake Table has also added a new Package Body type “BGA package > 17 mm x 17 mm or any stacked die package”. 
  • MSL level 6 has been removed from the Bake Table.
  • Addition of “Note 4: Baking not required if Floor Life exposure is limited to <30C & <60%RH for thin (<1.4 mm) MSL2 devices. This is due to the moisture diffusion behavior of the thin devices, which were fully saturated after the absorption at MSL 2 (168 hours @85C/60% RH).”
  • Bake Table Tolerance for 125 degrees has increased 5 degrees; and 90 degrees has increased by 3 degrees.  For Bake temperature of 125 degrees, 5% RH has been added. 

Please refer to the complete J-STD-033D  HERE



The Cogiscan automated expert system keeps track of each individual tray or reel containing MSDs, from the time they are removed from their protective dry bag, through placement, and final reflow. It even physically prevents production from occurring whenever an expired MSD resides on the SMT line.

Ensuring proper control of moisture sensitive devices (MSDs) during assembly has a direct impact on the reliability of the finished product.

The Cogiscan MSD Control system can be installed in a minimal configuration at a very low cost and later expanded to provide additional functionality

Oh, and yes, Cogiscan was the first company to conceive and develop a fully automated MSD solution, and remains the leader to this day.


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