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Part VI – Connectivity in electronics manufacturing: sorting practicality from hype

Exploring the key elements to look for in a pragmatic smart factory solution with guest blogger Sylvain Perron, Product Manager at Cogiscan. 

Part of our series features Sam Wong TS – Manufacturing Technology Product Management Manager at Keysight Technologies, as he shares his thoughts and vision for Industry 4.0 and why connecting all pieces of the manufacturing process is a critical first step.  

Sam’s thoughts on the main issues or challenges associated with connectivity in our Industry: “There are too many vendors, each with varying standards. Some of these are proprietary standards and have different hardware needs. At other times, customers have legacy systems.”  

Sylvain’s view: With every industry and proprietary standards, connectivity towards Industry 4.0 is a real challenge. The number of possibilities is endless. To solve this puzzle, Cogiscan has developed a neutral connectivity platform that is modular and can connect all types of machines and systems no matter the protocol 

And how Sam plans to address these connectivity challenges: “There is no single solution to meet this diversity. Our strategy is to rely on partners to provide these interfaces, partners specialize in these domains, such as Cogiscan.” 

Sylvain’s thoughts:  In the end it is a make or buy decision for equipment and software vendors. Based on the current state of connectivity, for a vendor to meet all the varying requirements, it is too great of a burden to develop all connectivity solutions internally. We have been collaborating with leading vendors for more than 15 years – our connectivity platform is mature, robust and efficient. Our Co-NECT solution is an obvious choice for equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and end-customers.  

Read the entire interview with Sam on EMS NOW.  





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