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Over the years we developed a series of robust and complete interfaces to all the major brands of electronics assembly equipment, ranging from laser marking/labelling, to screen printers, placement, reflow, wave, SPI, AOI, X-ray, all the way to ICT and functional test. When we develop theses interfaces we work closely with each equipment vendor to insure that the resulting interface will be supported by both sides over the long term.

Once your machine is connected to the Cogiscan TTC middleware this also means that it is ready to connect to any third-party software such as PLM, MES, ERP or Business Analytics. As a result, our Equipment partners can truly claim that their machines are Industry 4.0 and IoT ready.

We understand that every equipment vendor’s situation is different and we are flexible to adapt to your specific requirements. Many equipment vendors imbed Cogiscan TTC technology in their product offering as part of an OEM reselling agreement. It provides their customers with critical functions such as material control, traceability and machine performance analytics. The main benefit for your company and your customers to rely on Cogiscan TTC technology is that the resulting OEM solution is based on an open platform that can easily expand to the rest of the factory.

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If you are an equipment or software vendor serving the electronics assembly market and wish to gain a competitive edge please contact us to learn more about our unique technology and partnership program.

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