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The Cogiscan TTC Middleware is the connectivity layer that seamlessly integrates data coming from different sources and connect islands of automation in one centralized and standardized database.

As a software vendor, partnering with Cogiscan gives you access to the most complete library of machine interfaces available in the industry. It also gives you access to our leading TTC applications to complement functionality gaps between the machine vendors offering and your own capabilities.

Once your software is connected to the Cogiscan platform you are automatically connected to all the different machines on the shop floor, now and in the future. Instead of continually investing resources to develop and maintain a large number of machine-specific interfaces you can allocate these same resources to create more strategic applications for your customers.

We understand that each software vendor is different and we have the flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements. In some cases, our OEM partners introduce us to their customers as a complementary solution and in other cases they incorporate our TTC technology in their own product offering.

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If you are an equipment or software vendor serving the electronics assembly market and wish to gain a competitive edge please contact us to learn more about our unique technology and partnership program.

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