The new Cogiscan application, TTC GO!, is a major upgrade to the already widely used Portable Operator Interface. Operators require simple and intuitive tools to run production. This new application is completely redesigned to take full advantage of Android 7+ supported mobile devices.

The new TTC GO! Is Modern, Intuitive & Simple:

  • Simplify production tasks with a modern and user-friendly handheld Interface with intuitive navigation features  
  • Leverage flexibility by downloading the free app on any Android supported device
  • Upgrade outdated technology that will no longer be supported by PDA vendors
  • Save hardware costs by utilizing modern, reliable, and less expensive devices that can be easily upgraded.

“With the introduction of TTC GO, we break a paradigm in how manufacturing software user interfaces are designed.  The context driven interface is very intuitive and easy to use as it guides the user to achieve simple tasks with as little clicks, data entry or scanning steps as possible.” Stated André Corriveau, CTO at Cogiscan. “Built on state-of-the-art technologies, it runs over Windows and Android platforms, including smart phones.”

Cogiscan users can download & upgrade for FREE​ with a valid service contract.


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