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Co-NECT: Your Simple First Step

Discover our pragmatic approach to Industry 4.0 with #ButFirstCoNECT. Sylvain Perron, Product Manager at Cogiscan, talks about how easy and simple it is to Co-NECT your machine data #CogiscanCoNECTs

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Cogiscan Track Trace Control (TTC) Solutions

Co-founders François Monette, André Corriveau and Vincent Dubois discuss how  Cogiscan Track Trace Control TTC solutions give their electronics assembly customers a competitive edge with THEIR clients. Video includes a…

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Cogiscan Customer Testimonial: Libra Industries

Scott Fillebrown, Chief Technical Officer at Libra Industries, discusses how Cogiscan's complete Traceability solutions helped them run lean manufacturing, give unparalleled service to their customers and get specific certifications.

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