Circuitnet Viewpoint 2019 : François Monette , Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Cogiscan Inc.
02 January 2019
Cogiscan occupies a unique position in the industry as we bridge the gap between the shop floor and enterprise systems to enable digital transformation of the electronics industry. History has shown that the electronics assembly process is too complex to be managed with a single integrated software system. The factory of the future will be achieved by combining several best-in-class applications from different vendors and we facilitate this integration.

2019 will be a big year for several reasons at Cogiscan. First, we will celebrate our 20th year of technology innovation. This will coincide with the release of several new products that will have a significant impact for our customers and partners. This includes new hardware and software products that will improve visibility, connectivity and overall performance of all assets on the production floor.
We strongly believe that data collection and data management are the keys to unleash the full potential of Industry 4.0. The challenge remains to implement practical working solutions in a fast-changing environment while remaining open to future development. Our Co-NECT multi-protocol bidirectional machine interface is a great example of a robust, practical and future-proof technology.

François Monette, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Cogiscan Inc.

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