Material & Process Control

Knowing that components represent the majority of the cost of a circuit board, effective material control becomes crucial for any manufacturer to stay competitive. Clients implementing our solutions have seen cost reductions as much as 5%. Better cost control means higher profits and competitive edge for you and your customers.

Material and Process Control on your factory floor:

  • Real-time visibility of materials on the shop floor
  • Improved quality
  • Elimination of human errors

Cogiscan Material and Process Control applications include:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Kitting control
  • Offline job set-up
  • Line set-up control
  • MSD Control
  • LCR Control

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“The benefits of implementing Cogiscan are numerous. The setup accuracy has increased. The setup time has decreased as Operators don’t have to double-check, triple-check these setups. We rely on Cogiscan to do that for us.” 
Paul Jaussi, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Biamp Systems
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Case studies

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Controlling Moisture-Sensitive Devices (MSDs) for Double-Sided Reflow Applications

Moisture-sensitive devices are commonly used in the industry for many different applications. These components require special handling procedures that must conform to IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033 in order to prevent them from absorbing too much moisture prior to reflow.

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msd control

MSD Control in a High Reliability Production Environment

As the packaging of integrated circuits (IC) increasingly shifts from ceramic to plastic, the concerns relating to moisture sensitivity and the appropriate precautions has grown significantly. The JEDEC council of Arlington, VA and IPC of Northbrooke, IL released a joint publication, J-STD-033, in 1999. Th industry standard provides guidelines for the handling, packaging, and storage of moisture sensitive devices. Since the release of J-STD-033, companies have worked diligently to implement procedures for monitoring MSDs that comply with the standard.

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