Material & Process Control

PCB Assembly – Material & Process Control for your factory

Reduce Costs Through Efficient Factory Control.

With manufacturers typically managing thousands of components that are shared across various product types on multiple lines, control is paramount for a smooth manufacturing ecosystem. Without thorough and precise inventory, material and machine control, your production floor could be pure chaos.

Tighter factory control means higher profits so you can reinvest in your manufacturing operation in order to remain highly competitive.


Why should you use our Material & Process Control solutions?

Eliminates Human Error in Setup & Changeover:

Configurable, step-by-step instructions to error proof and simplify the setup process for every machine on your line.

Complete Visibility on your Inventory:

With our inventory management software, you’ll know precisely where every component is located no matter where it is in your factory.

Improves Product Quality:

Validate the setup on your machines to ensure that only the proper materials are used during production.

Minimizes Line Downtime:

Offline setup validation ensures accuracy of setup prior to being loaded on the machine to ensure a speedy changeover process.

Optimizes Machine Performance:

Keep your machines at peak performance and avoid downtime with our Maintenance Control module.

Tight Control of MSD Components:

Improve both the quality and reliability of any PCB you manufacture with MSDs.

The Factory Data Journey

Building a smarter factory from the ground up.

TTC Applications

IIoT Platform


Inside our Material & Process Control Applications

Material Control

Cogiscan’s factory inventory software guarantees extensive material management features to help keep your lines fed and running. Monitoring the quantity and location of all materials in real time, this application will ensure materials are available exactly where and when you need them.

Machine Control

Cogiscan’s Machine Control application prevents machine downtime and optimizes equipment utilization. Through advanced software modules, you’ll make sure that your machines are performing as intended.

MSD Control

Cogiscan’s intelligent and automated MSD Control application is the ideal solution to better control and accurately track MSDs throughout your facility. We’ve deciphered the complex rules and calculations of J-STD-033 and simplified them into a single, automated solution.

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