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360° Traceability

360° Traceability:

Fast & accurate product, material, and process traceability you can rely on

In today’s world, complete and accurate traceability is mandatory in order to reduce cost and mitigate liability issues associated with product warranty and potential recalls. Manufacturers who offer Cogiscan’s high-end traceability application are better positioned to not only gain, but also better retain a loyal customer base. Internally, a complete traceability system is a powerful tool to identify the root cause of any quality issue and enable corrective actions – before the product leaves the shop floor. 

Traceability solutions on your factory floor:

  • Troubleshooting and product quality improvement
  • Fast and precise recall management
  • Process compliance demonstration; simplified client audits
  • Improved dependability of the finished product enhances customer satisfaction and confidence.

Our Traceability application includes the following modules:

  • Product Traceability
  • Component and Material Traceability
  • Process Traceability
  • Genealogy

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Case studies

methode electronics inc logo

LED BIN validation & traceability Description

The increased use of LEDs introduces significant new challenges for the electronic PCB assembler. Separate reels containing the same part number may each have a different brightness index number (BIN). The potential for aesthetic defects is introduced if the BIN from one reel to the next is incompatible.

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detroit diesel logo

Detroit Diesel Tracks, Traces and Controls Module Assembly

Sitting under the hood of every new car—and many older cars made since 1990—is the engine control module (ECM). Often referred to as “the car’s computer,” it usually employs the most powerful and expensive microcontroller in the vehicle.

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Semecs logo

Traceability at Semecs

In 2008 Semecs was requested by some of their major strategic automotive customers to implement a fully automated material tracking and traceability solution for their facility located in Vrable, Slovakia. The Semecs automotive customers were looking for a very high level of product tracking and traceability, from receiving to final packing. They required comprehensive information about the product history: when each product is produced and in which line/workstation, what the machine settings were, which material and component batches were used, and what inspection and test results have been recorded.

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