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Our Tower Solution is a flexible system that enables complete integration between storage towers and placement machines. It simplifies the kitting of large work orders, dispensing required reels with a single click of a button. The automatic low-level alert system also ensures that your placement machines will never run out of components.
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Storage Tower Integration

productivity increase with this system
Through seamless and automatic M2M communication, you will gain advanced material management on your SMT lines to keep your production running smoothly and efficiently.
Up to


brands of placement machines & storage towers
Key Features

Support more than 20 brands of Placement Machines & Storage Towers
Supported brands include:
  • Essegi Automation Srl
  • ASM Assembly Systems
  • Juki
  • Universal Instruments
  • Panasonic
  • Mycronic
  • and more!
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Optimized SMT Line Efficiency
Automatically sends a request for components to the storage system based on low-level warnings from the placement machines.
Automatic Material Reservation
Automatically request material from the towers for multiple jobs to seamlessly build kits without accidentally pulling material reserved for other work orders.
Accurate Material
Quantity and location of components can be tracked at all times throughout the factory.
What the pros say:

Does it work in a mixed-vendor environment?
" By collaborating with Cogiscan we are able to implement their robust off-the-shelf Co-NECT interfaces for all major brands of SMT equipment, so our customers can easily integrate our solutions within any production environment. "
There are countless integration scenarios possible depending on the manufacturing ecosystem of the end customer as the models for placement machine models and ERP/MES systems will vary widely. Our solution is ideal for customers with mixed-vendor manufacturing ecosystems with placement machines from different brands.
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