Data Management

Electronics Manufacturing – Data Management in Smart Factory

Ensure optimal use of your factory’s data.

With the explosion of data created from Industry 4.0 trends, Cogiscan’s data management server helps you better manage and understand what’s available within collected factory data. Our Track Trace Control (TTC) Server provides meaning to collected production data to ensure its optimal use.


Data Integration & Contextualization

Collecting data from a variety of sources within the manufacturing ecosystem, including production machines and enterprise SW systems, the Cogiscan’s Track Trace Control (TTC) Server aggregates, normalizes, centralizes, contextualizes and archives collected data using a very modular, scalable and reliable database architecture.  So you can achieve your Industry 4.0 goals.


Data management on your factory floor:

    factory-level data collection and storage to a single, easily accessible location;
    the quality of data collected from your manufacturing floor
    the headache of trying to collect, store, access and exchange factory-level data from so many disparate sources
    hard drive space with our lightweight server solution


Our Data Management platform includes:

Track Trace Control (TTC) Server with the following modules and tools:

  • Quantity Tracking
  • Defect & Repair Management
  • Route Control
  • Floor Activity Tracking
  • Message Broker & Monitor Service
  • COI
  • TTC GO!

Cogiscan Open Interface

Commercial MES interfaces


Our modules:

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