Optimize your production by keeping your SMT lines fed and running. With PCBA manufacturers managing thousands of components each day, thorough inventory management is a must to maximize profit margins.
Cogiscan’s Material Control application for smart factories provides extensive inventory management features to keep your manufacturing floor running smoothly. By tracking the quantity and location of all materials in real-time, our application will ensure materials are available exactly when and where you need them, eliminating downtime and optimizing your factory's throughput.
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Material Control

Material Control for Electronics Manufacturing

Included Modules
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Real-time inventory tracking for the exact location, quantity and status of all material throughout the factory.
Our module:
  • Validates every element of the SMT machine setup
  • Monitor the location and quantity of all labeled materials in real-time.
  • Generate & assign a unique ID for all individual materials.
  • Integrate directly with the ERP, MOM, MES, and other external systems.
  • Allows for tracking and control of all material throughout the product lifecycle.
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reduces inventory costs cogiscan
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Improves PCBA quality:

Guarantees the correct components & consumables, are used for every PCBA, and prevents expired material from being used in production.

Eliminates production contamination:

Isolates and flags quarantined material to ensure it doesn’t get used in your factory's production.

Reduces inventory costs:

Reduces inventory costs through accurate usage and shop-floor inventory data to prevent the procurement of excess material.

Optimizes production performance:

Reduces downtime due to missing material & improves changeover time by eliminating time spent searching for components.
provides complete visibility cogiscan

Provides complete visibility:

With real-time tracking of inventory locations and quantities, you can have a complete view of your inventory levels. Your inventory can be available from everywhere, even on a cellphone.
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Reduces waste:

Eliminates unnecessary movement of material, tools and employees.
Storage Tower Integration
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Looking for another way to boost productivity? We also offer a storage tower integration solution that enables complete integration between storage towers and placement machines. It simplifies the kitting of large work orders, dispensing required reels with a single click of a button. We've seen up to 10% increase in productivity with this simple integration.

Our solution support 20+ brands of
Placement Machines & Storage Towers
Looking to add more control factory-wide?
Manufacturing Execution
“We now know exactly where every component is located, so we don’t have to go look and search for lost or misplaced components.“
Paul Jaussi
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