Connectivity for Equipment Vendors
Ensure your machines are truly enabled for the factory of the future
We’ve collaborated closely with equipment vendors since our inception in 1999 – committed to making the smart factory a reality for our customers, our solutions are based on bringing together all the elements of the manufacturing ecosystem to provide intelligence and actionable insights to electronics manufacturers.
The most critical element to any smart factory is connectivity, so we’ve been hyper-focused on enabling factory connectivity for more than 24 years – collecting and sharing material, process, and measurement data from the factory floor in hundreds of environments and thousands of machines, we remain at the forefront of SMT factory connectivity.
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Chief Innovation Officer
(Equipment Partner Program)
André Corriveau
Current Connectivity Partners
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Meet Customers CFX Requirements
Ongoing Support
Future-proof Solution
We’ll ensure your SMT machines are meeting CFX protocol requirements and receive certification.
Any connectivity standard, CFX or otherwise, naturally evolves. Through our subscription model, we ensure your connectivity solution is maintained and updated to the latest release.
As the leading SMT connectivity experts, we’re heavily involved in emerging protocols and requirements. As AI gains momentum in our industry, we will help guide your connectivity offering to meet any evolving requirements.
Connectivity for Legacy Machines
In some factories, manufacturers are still successfully using equipment that’s older than 15 years and are no longer actively supported by the OEM. We can help provide connectivity to these vintage machines – so your customers can access whatever data is available.
Gerry Padnos | Juki Automation Systems
Director of Technology
Juki Automation Systems
“ Rather than getting distracted from our main mission of building the highest quality machines, Juki has partnered with Cogiscan for many years. Since Cogiscan is a neutral third party and already has access to the required data for many machine manufacturers, line without tying up valuable engineering resources. This also overcomes the hurdle of working with some competitive systems.”
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