Emerging Trends in MES/MOM
What Electronics Manufacturers Really Need in 2022

July 13, 2022
Cogiscan/iTAC Complete Solution Portfolio
In our July 2022 webinar, Emerging Trends in MES/MOM - What Electronics Manufacturers Really Need in 2022, we explained how to maximize the little margin you have left by gaining complete visibility and control over everything that’s happening in your factory today.

With backlogs increasing, material shortages on the rise, and staffing issues persisting, running your factory with the utmost efficiency is paramount.

In this webinar, we've given insights into how to:

Get the most out of the components in your factory
In the current market, you can't afford to waste any components. With a material control solution that integrates into your ERP, you'll get the most out every single one.
Maximize your margin as best as possible
Margins are notoriously tight in our industry and they are only getting smaller and smaller. We'll show you how to build your PCBA right the first time, so you can maximize your profit!
Eliminate problems before they happen
Based on historical input to the system and learning patterns over time, IIoT.Edge’s AI & machine learning algorithm can predict when a failure will occur.
We've also explored:
  • Material Control (ERP & Storage Tower Integration, E-Kanban, +)
  • Traceability & Genealogy beyond circuit board assembly
  • Using AI to go from descriptive to prescriptive analytics.

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