Drilling Down Into The Power of Factory Intelligence
Leveraging machine data to drive actions & improvements

January 19, 2022
Cogiscan's Analytics Solutions for the PCBA Industry
In our January 2022 webinar, Drilling Down Into the Power of Factory Intelligence, we explained how you could leverage the power of machine data to drive actions & improvements to ensure a smoother running SMT manufacturing floor.

Within Cogiscan’s Analytics portfolio, we have the Factory Intelligence product suite consisting of two sub-modules, Factory Intelligence Real Time and Factory Intelligence Analytics.

In this webinar, we've given insights into how to:

Maximize Asset
Updated every 30 seconds with real-time data, any issue is identified immediately to ensure rapid resolution.
Increase Overall Productivity
With invaluable drill down insights into defects, ensure your technicians aren't wasting time with too many false calls on your AOI/SPI machines.
Accurately Measure Change
Ensure any changes to the production line, such as switching to a solder paste, is actually improving your line's performance.

We've also explored:
  • the importance of an automatic & well fed dashboard
  • the critical nature of accurate & real-time production data
  • the actionable intelligence available in an analytics tool

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