Fuji & Cogiscan announce strategic partnership and introduce RFID Smart Feeder System for Fuji XP
03 March 2006
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. and Cogiscan are pleased to announce the start of a long term strategic partnership. This agreement involves the joint development and marketing of RFID Smart Feeder technology for Fuji machines.

Both companies are pleased to introduce the first product resulting from this collaboration. The new RFID Smart Feeder kit for the XP-series machines (XP-142E, XP-143E, XP-242E and XP-243E) will complement the existing RFID Smart Feeder kits for CP and IP-series machines.

By integrating the unique RFID technology developed by Cogiscan with Fuji placement machines both companies can offer a unique value proposition for Fuji users around the world. This technology is compatible with any model and vintage of Fuji machines and it can easily be retrofitted to existing machines and feeders in the field. As a result Fuji customers can benefit from the latest and greatest intelligent feeder technology without having to re-invest in brand new machines. Feeder intelligence is becoming a key market requirement because of ongoing pressures to reduce cost, accelerate changeover time, eliminate human errors and capture accurate component traceability data.

Over the past few months Fuji and Cogiscan have been working closely together to seamlessly integrate the Fuji XP machine and Cogiscan RFID system. Fuji will commercialize this product under the brand name of RF Feeder System in combination with their Fujitrax product. In this case the RFID Smart Feeder will replace the current barcode technology, making the overall system more automated and more error-proof. This product will be demonstrated for the first time at Nepcon in Shanghai on April 4-7, 2006 in the Fuji booth #1E15.

The RFID smart feeder technology for XP will also be commercialized by Cogiscan for customers who prefer to integrate the RFID hardware with the Cogiscan software platform or any other third-party software application.

Satoshi Inoue, project leader for Fuji: “The XP platform was developed for the very competitive mid-range market. In order to protect our customer investment and to facilitate the transition between the old and the new generation of equipment, the XP platform was designed to use legacy feeders from the CP and IP platforms that did not have any intelligence, unlike our intelligent feeders for the NXT machine. The Cogiscan RFID smart feeder technology was the perfect solution because this is a low cost technology that can be retrofitted to any vintage of Fuji feeder and placement machine. In order to bring fully integrated hardware and software solutions to our customers we have been working with Cogiscan to integrate their RFID technology with the Fujitrax software. This will bring a much-needed solution for our most demanding customers who require complete error proofing and traceability for feeders and components. It will enable Fujitrax users to benefit from the same level of intelligence across all their Fuji equipment, old and new.”

The patented Cogiscan RFID smart feeder technology can track, trace and control feeders and components on and off the assembly line, without human intervention. Existing tape feeders of any model and vintage can be quickly upgraded into intelligent feeders by simply attaching a low cost RFID tag. Low profile RF antennas and readers can be installed on existing machines, feeders banks and even on feeder storage carts to provide real-time inventory of all feeders on and off the assembly line.
About Cogiscan:
Cogiscan designs and manufactures material tracking systems for the electronics manufacturing market. The Cogiscan platform encompasses material identification with barcode and RFID technology, data acquisition hardware, and application software. Software applications include Real-Time Inventory, MSD Control, Line Setup Control, and Traceability. Cogiscan is dedicated to establishing a global standard for material tracking. Sales and customer service affiliates are located throughout the world, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
About Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.:
FUJI established as machine tool manufacturer in 1959 has always led the industry for many years as the leading company of the SMT world by consistently inventing both industry-first and world-first SMT technologies since 1978. Fuji has contributed to advances in indispensable fields such as computers, mobile phones, automobiles and household appliances. Fuji’s core competence in high-speed, high accuracy SMT is still providing the best solutions to worldwide customers’ manufacturing, technical, and service needs even after quarter century from the birth of SMT. Fuji has subsidiaries in the U.S.A., Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and the Philippines with offices in Malaysia, China and Taiwan (ROC). Fuji employs 1400 people with worldwide headquarters located in Chiryu, Japan.