Hover-Davis imbeds Cogiscan RFID Smart Feeder Tags in their new Siemens Siplace Compatible Feeder Range
18 November 2005
Hover-Davis, Inc., Rochester (NY), USA and Cogiscan, Bromont (Quebec), Canada
Hover-Davis and Cogiscan are pleased to announce the first step of a long-term strategic partnership. Both companies are introducing a new generation of smart feeders that will enable Hover-Davis customers to:
  • Perform machine setup validation for feeders and components
  • Eliminate human errors and reduce changeover time
  • Track feeders and components on and off placement machines
  • Enable real-time inventory control and traceability
Rick Howe, Vice-President Sales and Marketing for Hover-Davis: “We are very excited about this new collaboration with Cogiscan. There are many types of smart feeder technologies but the Cogiscan solution is truly unique in the sense that it can be easily retrofitted to any brand and model of placement machine. This is an essential consideration for our customers since they often buy our feeders for their installed base of equipment. The Cogiscan RFID technology is so valuable, and yet so cost-effective, that it made sense for us to imbed an RFID tag in each of our new Siemens Siplace compatible feeders. We are also planning to start including Cogiscan technology in other families of feeders. We look forward to expanding our market share by offering the best and the smartest feeders in the industry. This is one more feature that explains why Hover-Davis feeders represent the most cost-effective enhancement to existing SMT lines.”

Francois Monette, Vice-President Sales and Marketing for Cogiscan: “We are extremely pleased with this announcement. This is a very natural fit between two companies that are recognized as the leaders in their respective market space. This is also a significant milestone in our long-term strategy of becoming the de-facto standard for RFID-based material tracking in the electronics manufacturing industry. Having the Cogiscan RFID tags already imbedded in the Hover-Davis feeders will make it even simpler for our customers to upgrade their existing equipment and enjoy the benefits of Cogiscan material control solutions.”
About Cogiscan Inc.
Cogiscan designs and manufactures material tracking systems for the electronics manufacturing market. The Cogiscan platform encompasses material identification with barcode and RFID technology, data acquisition hardware, and application software. Software applications include Real-Time Inventory, MSD Control, Line Setup Control, and Traceability. Cogiscan is dedicated to establishing a global standard for material tracking. Sales and customer service affiliates are located throughout the world, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
About Hover-Davis
Hover-Davis is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of component delivery systems for the electronics assembly industry. We provide feeding solutions for Fuji, Panasonic, Universal Instruments, Siemens, Assembleon, Samsung, Mydata, Juki, Yamaha, Alphasem, and numerous custom automation manufacturers. Our products include electronic multi-pitch tape feeders, label feeders, print-on-demand label feeders, and bare die feeders. In order to provide world class solutions to our customers today and tomorrow, we continue to invest heavily in new product development, operations, applications, and after-sales support. Located in Rochester, NY, Hover-Davis was founded in 1989, and is now a subsidiary of Dover Corporation.
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