Machine Control

Electronics manufacturing – Machine Control for Smart Factory

Ensure product quality & maximize equipment utilization.

With aggressive schedules and constantly changing requirements, it can be difficult to manage an efficient production plan. With Cogiscan’s Machine Control application, you’ll make sure that your machines are performing as intended and always running the right products in the most optimal conditions.

Why should you use our Machine Control solution?

Enhance Product Quality:

Automatically stop a machine if any aspect of the setup or process is incorrect.

Improve Machine Performance:

Track and manage both preventative and corrective maintenance on your machines and tooling.

Maximize Equipment Utilization:

Keep your machines running at their full capacity while avoiding unplanned downtime.

Save Precious Resources:

Complete and automated setup validation will save you both time and money.

Maximize Equipment ROI:

Update any legacy machines to support current, automated manufacturing processes.

Improve Line Agility:

With offline setup capabilities, you can have your job kit prepared & validated well before changeover time.

The Factory Data Journey

Building a smarter factory from the ground up.

TTC Applications

IIoT Platform


Both modules are included in our Machine Control application

Setup & Process Control

This module ensures that your process will be set up according to plan.

Maintenance Control

This module will help you save money by preventing unforeseen downtime.