MSD Control

Electronics manufacturing – MSD Control for Smart Factory

Accurately track and control all MSDs throughout your facility.

We’ve deciphered the complex rules, calculations, and guidelines of the J-STD-033 standard and condensed them into a simple and automated solution. As the first company to offer a fully automated MSD Control application for the electronics manufacturing industry, we know the intricacies of properly using MSDs in PCB assembly.

Why should you use our MSD Control application?

first fully automated msd control application

Industry first:

We were the first to develop a fully automated MSD Control solution and we’re still the top choice.

msd control - J-STD-033 complianceGuarantees J-STD-033 compliance:

Our application always guarantees full compliance with the latest J-STD-033 standard.

msd better pcba qualityImproves quality & reliability of PCBAs:

With tighter control of MSDs, you can better guarantee field performance of the PCBAs you assemble.

Saves time and money:

Our solution makes MSD control easy & efficient for your operators – freeing up time to focus on value-added activities.

interlocking the SMT lineClosed-loop production control:

Prevent expired MSDs from being used in production by physically interlocking the SMT line.

Better customer satisfaction:

 With our application, your clients can be sure that your circuit boards with MSDs are always within spec.

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Building a smarter factory from the ground up.

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What to expect?



“Before using the automated MSD Control system, it took anywhere from one to two hours to perform a line setup. Today, it only takes 10 to 20 minutes to get a bullet-proof setup.”

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems



“Companies that don’t control their MSDs efficiently typically use excessive baking cycles to try to reduce the risk of future problems. Since we have so much control and confidence in the tracking system, we know exactly which parts need a baking cycle.”

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

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