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Haina selects Cogiscan Co-NECT technology for their Smart Factory

BROMONT, CANADA, January 23, 2019 — Cogiscan Inc., the leading Track, Trace and Control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce that Haina, a subsidiary of the world’s largest Electronics Manufacturing Services company, selected their Co-NECT technology for their Smart Factory project.

Michael Lo, Responsible for the Smart Factory Project at Haina, stated: “Over the past year we conducted a thorough evaluation of all vendors in our industry. One of the critical elements of our Smart Factory roadmap is the acquisition of quality real-time data from the SMT machines. This is not easily achieved in a production environment like ours because of the large number, variety and vintage of machines that we use. Our in-depth evaluation and real-life production testing demonstrated that Cogiscan’s Co-NECT technology is by far the best solution on the market. It can get more data from any machine than any other alternative. In addition, the Cogiscan team has shown to be very dependable. They deliver on their promises and they maintain very strong partnerships with all of our key machine vendors.”

Dave Trail, Global Director – Software Partnerships & Strategic Alliances at Cogiscan, stated: “This is a significant milestone in our corporate history. The fact that the largest and most demanding electronics manufacturer in the world decided to base their future strategy on Cogiscan technology is a huge recognition and we look forward to a bright future together.”

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About Cogiscan

Cogiscan is the leading track, trace and control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry.   The scalable Cogiscan platform perfectly integrates with all major equipment types, and is highly configurable to enable a personalized solution to each customer’s specific production needs.  Since 1999 Cogiscan has attained several international patents for TTC hardware and software, and has won multiple awards throughout the years. For more information, visit www.cogiscan.com.



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