Asteel Flash Group Sets the Standard in Manufacturing Intelligence
18 March 2011
AsteelFlash Group Sets the Standard in Manufacturing Intelligence
Company Partners with RedPrairie, Rockwell Automation and Cogiscan to Give Customers the Highest Level of Visibility and Traceability into their Manufacturing Projects

Fremont, CA –March 18, 2011 — AsteelFlash Group, a leading provider of specialized high-mix, low-volume EMS services and recently named the EMS Company of the Year for 2010 by Circuits Assembly magazine, has partnered with three leading vendors to provide customers with an IT-enabled material and process traceability solution. This new internal warehouse management system (WMS) and manufacturing execution system (MES) will provide customers with a web-based portal that gives them real-time data and an unparalleled look into the status of their manufacturing projects.

RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management System, Rockwell Automation’s Manufacturing Execution & Operations Management Platform – ProductionCentre and Cogiscan’s Track, Trace and Control System will be integrated with AsteelFlash’s own internal data warehouse software into a seamless customer portal. The new IT system will be implemented across all of AsteelFlash’s manufacturing sites worldwide, enabling customers to switch seamlessly from a new product introduction to a more cost-effective, full production with the same level of systems support.

“This new system, coupled with our own proprietary software, will give our customers a full view into their production runs and be mirrored across all of our sites worldwide,” said Georges Garic, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for AsteelFlash Group. “We chose each of these vendors for their experience, unique technology and their ability to support all of our sites across the globe. In addition, we have an aggressive timeline to implement this system and each of these vendors have demonstrated their ability to meet our schedule.”

RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management System will provide visibility and inventory control across the global supply chain. “From the moment we started working with AsteelFlash, it was evident they fully embraced their customers’ desire for the highest level of visibility and traceability,” said Joe Juliano, President, Americas for RedPrairie. “AsteelFlash also recognizes that world-class visibility must be accompanied with world-class productivity. RedPrairie shares a similar vision, and looks forward to delivering these benefits.”

Rockwell Automation’s ProductionCentre will manage, control and report on all customer production runs. It will be the system of record for all manufacturing information including raw material, in-line quality as well as machine and operator parameters. This will help optimize their production and provide key, real-time information to the customer portal. ProductionCentre will assist AsteelFlash improve overall customer experience and satisfaction with improved quality and agility. “ProductionCentre is an execution and operations management platform that will help AsteelFlash enhance quality, minimize the impact of rising manufacturing costs and provide an agile production facility to meet changing customer demands,” said Donald Hart Director, Market Development – Information Software for Rockwell Automation. “We are delighted to work with AsteelFlash as they deliver a higher level of service to their customers.”

Cogiscan’s Track, Trace and Control system provides data acquisition, setup control and real-time material tracking and traceability information to the execution & operations platform ProductionCentre. François Monette, Co-President at Cogiscan stated, “We are thrilled about this new collaboration. We believe that Asteel-Flash is setting a new standard in the EMS field. This is another demonstration of the growing importance of traceability in the global electronics industry and it confirms our leading position in this field.”

AsteelFlash has begun implementing the new system in its manufacturing facilities and expects to have all sites up and running with the new system by the end of 2011.
About AsteelFlash Group
Headquartered in Paris, France, with 16 production sites on four continents (Europe, Africa, North America and Asia), AsteelFlash employs over 4000 associates. AsteelFlash Group was formed in February 2008 by the merger of ASTEEL and Flash Electronics. AsteelFlash is currently ranked 19th among the top 50 Electronics Manufacturing Service companies worldwide. AsteelFlash strives to be the recognized market leader in providing specialized EMS services to selected OEMs. The company specializes in providing high-mix low-volume NPI, manufacturing and supply chain management services, tailored to its customers’ specific needs on a local, regional or global basis.
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