Cogiscan Awarded Patent for Automated Manufacturing Control System
25 August 2006
Cogiscan Awarded Patent for Automated Manufacturing Control System
(August 22, 2006) Cogiscan Inc. was recently awarded a new patent relating to "Automated manufacturing control system" by the U.S Patent Office (No. 7,069,100).

This global patent was originally filed in 2000 to protect the innovative aspects of the Cogiscan material tracking platform. This became the foundation of the current suite of Cogiscan solutions that utilize a combination of barcode and RFID technologies to track, trace and control all materials on the production floor.

Over the past 7 years Cogiscan has developed a number of innovative material tracking solutions. The company is committed to share their unique technology and work with other equipment and software providers to establish an industry-specific RFID standard that will benefit everyone. Over the past 2 years Cogiscan has announced strategic partnerships with industry leaders including Fuji, Juki and Siemens among others. In these instances the Cogiscan RFID technology is integrated in the OEM equipment and machine software to provide additional functionality and make the machines more intelligent while eliminating the need for human intervention associated with traditional barcode-based systems.

Vincent Dubois who is responsible for IP protection at Cogiscan explains the significance of this patent : “This represents a significant milestone in our company’s history. This patent covers the essence of the original vision of the co-founders of Cogiscan. It is the story of three manufacturing engineers who took a different look at an old problem, leveraging emerging technologies such as RFID to enable complete automation on the factory floor. At the time Cogiscan was the first company that looked at the big picture of material tracking in the electronics manufacturing industry and developed a concept that would solve all the different problems with one integrated system. Reading the patent abstract still provides a very accurate description of our current product portfolio and future development roadmap. ”
Patent Abstract :
An automated manufacturing control system is proposed to greatly reduce the human intervention relative to the data transfer, physical verification and process control associated with the movement of components, tooling and operators in a manufacturing system, including production machines and storage areas … The system enables automatic data transfer and physical verification that the right material is at the right place at the right time, using the right tooling.