Cogiscan introduces new software release
14 July 2009
Cogiscan, the leading track, trace and control solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the release of Cogiscan platform software Rev. 5.9.2.

This new release includes major improvements to existing applications as well as brand new applications modules, including Kitting Control, Maintenance Control and Productivity Monitor.

Also the Factory Monitor graphical display will now come standard with all Cogiscan system configurations. This provides real-time status of all machines and workstations in the factory.

Summary of improvements to existing applications :
• Easier installation for server, client PC and pocket PC software
• Technology upgrade for improved performance and security
• Improved System Configurator
• Improved Graphical User Interface
• New features for MSD Control
• Component orientation check in Line Setup Control
• Improved Factory Monitor, now comes standard with all Cogiscan system installations
• Improved Defect Data Collection
• Improved Reporting
• New product transactions in RPC Web Services

New Product Summary :
• Kitting Control
– Import kit from ERP/MRP/MES
– Reconcile part numbers before the job set-up process
– Export remaining quantities after job completion
• Maintenance Control
– Corrective and preventative maintenance for feeders and other assets
– Machine communication takes into account feeder pick and mis-pick events
• Productivity Monitor
– Tact time (time between two boards produced on machine)
– Average tact time and time since last board came out of process
– Job completion status (percentage and completed boards/job quantity)
– Alarm if machine is not producing
• New CAMX collection points
– Viscom AOI
– Siemens placement machines with SIS/OIS

New software revisions are issued twice per year; typically in January and July. Each revision includes improvements to our previously released software products and new software products made available for our customers’ consideration. Cogiscan provides free software upgrades to all customers with a valid Smart Support and Service contract.
For more information, interested parties are encouraged to contact Cogiscan on +1 450-534-2644, or