Cogiscan partners with Kratzer Automation AG
04 March 2008
Cogiscan Inc., the leading track, trace and control solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, has announced a new partnership and OEM re‐selling agreement with Kratzer Automation AG from Germany.
The new business relationship will result in a new suite of integrated solutions that combine Cogiscan’s specialized RFID and barcode data acquisition technology with Kratzer’s products for the electronics manufacturing industry, particularly the intraFACTORY Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

According to Peter Erhard, Business Manager, Industrial Automation for Kratzer Automation :
“We are very pleased with this new collaboration. We feel that Cogiscan’s closed‐loop technology will further improve the overall performance of our systems by eliminating a lot of the manual barcode scanning process and associated human errors. This translates in higher productivity and higher quality data for our customers. As a result they get more value out of their overall investment in information systems, including MES and ERP, because they can rely on accurate real‐time information from the shop floor.”

“We will offer the complete range of Cogiscan RFID Smart Feeder systems for Juki, Fuji, Siemens, Universal and other leading brands of placement machines, as well as other RFID tags and readers for process equipment like screen printers for example. ”

“We see a great potential for the integration of Cogiscan RFID solutions and our intraFACTORY solutions for setup management and material logistics. Manual efforts for data acquisition will decrease and the data for traceability and material consumption will be more accurate.” Vincent Dubois, Cogiscan Co‐President stated, “We are very happy to start working with Kratzer Automation, they are clearly a leading system provider in Europe and we look forward to contribute to their future success. We also look forward to collaborate with more software solution providers like Kratzer to establish a de‐facto RFID standard in our industry. ”
For more information, interested parties are encouraged to contact Cogiscan on +1 450‐534‐2644, or
About Kratzer Automation AG
KRATZER AUTOMATION AG is an innovative software company specialized in industrial applications. Application oriented software tools are the basis for turnkey production and logistic solutions. The terms "Automating, Integrating and Optimizing" best describe the company’s activities. The company’s real‐time and process automation roots are evolving more and more in the direction of "Integrated Manufacturing" and "Supply Chain Integration". Another major focus are test systems for the automotive industry and it’s suppliers.