New Automated Manufacturing Control System Patent
07 January 2008
New Automated Manufacturing Control System Patent to Further Reduce Human Interaction and Errors in Data Transfer, Verification, Process Control and Traceability.

Cogiscan Inc., the leading track, trace and control solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, has announced that it has been granted a second patent for its Automated Manufacturing Control System by the US Patent & Trade Office (USPTO). The patent (No. 7,286,888), is a continuation of patent no. 7,069,100, which was granted to Cogiscan in 2006.

Cogiscan’s Automated Manufacturing Control System uses a combination of barcode and RFID technologies to track, trace and control all materials on the production floor. The latest patent addresses the monitoring and controlling of several stages of the manufacturing process, including the input of materials or components, the assembly action and the discharge of assembled output materials or components.

Vincent Dubois, Cogiscan Co-President stated, “This patented system allows for more automation in the transfer of data, physical verification, process control and traceability associated with the movement of components and as such reduces the human interaction in the entire process. Cogiscan will continue to work with industry leaders such as Fuji, Juki, Panasonic and Siemens, to develop standards using RFID technology.”
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