New RFID Smart Feeder Cart
07 November 2005
Cogiscan is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary concept in offline feeder storage. The Cogiscan RFID Smart Feeder Cart expands the concept of intelligent feeders from SMT placement machines and feeder banks to storage carts.

This new product will be demonstrated at two different locations during Productronica in Munich from November 15 to 18, 2005:
A4-380 : PB-Technik (Cogiscan local distributor in Germany)
A5-224 : Hover-Davis (Cogiscan technology partner)
Video: (Click on Cogiscan)

Benefits of the RFID Smart Feeder Cart:
  • Track feeders and components offline.
  • Provide real-time inventory.
  • Eliminate human intervention.
  • Eliminate bar code scanning.
  • Reduce waste of time and materials.
The Cogiscan RFID Smart Feeder Cart system can be used in combination with Cogiscan software applications (Line Set-up Control, Traceability, Inventory Tracking, etc.) or alternatively, with third-party software applications. It can also enhance existing systems by eliminating manual barcode scanning.

André Corriveau, Vice-President of Product Development for Cogiscan says: “One of our customers was wasting a lot of time trying to keep track of feeder and component inventories. The operators would often forget or ignore their bar code scanning procedure. This resulted in missing or inaccurate data in their manufacturing system. The new RFID Smart Feeder Cart reduces human intervention and the associated waste of time and materials. This clearly demonstrates the flexibility of Cogiscan’s RFID Control Technology to solve material tracking challenges that our customers face on the production floor”.
About Cogiscan Inc.
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