The economy is out of control, it is time for Lean Material Control !
26 November 2008
Many segments of our industry are seriously affected by the global financial and economic crisis. We all know that during tough times we need to focus our attention on increasing the productivity of manufacturing operations. But while access to credit is limited and production volumes are down, budgets are being slashed and replacing existing equipment with newer technology is not an option for most companies.

The alternative approach that Cogiscan is offering is to reduce costs and squeeze more output from existing assembly lines. Typically more than 80% of the cost of a finished PCB assembly is made up of the sum of all the electronic components. As a result Material Control is the obvious area of focus to achieve significant cost reductions. A fairly small investment in a good tracking system can offer a very short ROI, within 6 months or less in most cases.

Cogiscan’s Lean Material Control solutions can optimize the flow of all your materials from incoming to shipping, providing real-time visibility and error-proof handling procedures at every step of the process. The Cogiscan expert software will guide your operators step-by-step to achieve optimal material flow and to reduce setup time, thereby eliminating waste of time and materials. In addition the unique Cogiscan RFID Smart Feeder technology can be easily retrofitted to any vintage of feeder and placement machine in order to upgrade your existing assets to the latest level of machine intelligence and productivity.

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