An insider’s perspective of TTC Go!

22 April 2020
by Ana Maria Cortazar, Software Quality Assurance Specialist at Cogiscan

Last year, we completely redesigned our Portable Operator Interface (POI) and launched a revitalized, modern, and intuitive application in its place: TTC GO! Running on Android 7+ compatible mobile devices, the new TTC GO! app will help Operators using Cogiscan’s product suite to run SMT manufacturing more efficiently.
I feel really honored to be part of the team that made this new application possible. In today’s digital technology, we knew we needed to have a premium mobile application to remain competitive in the market. With this project, I got to collaborate with more seasoned team members, who had deep knowledge and expertise about the functionality of the previous POI product. Alongside newer, younger colleagues we all come together to come up with a fresh vision for this new user-friendly application. Our ultimate goal was to create an application that would be easy to install, configure and use – and I think we nailed it!

This new approach to application design and architecture opens the door to a multitude of possible products and solutions from Cogiscan. Built with accessibility in mind, our plan is to continue to revitalize our product suite in order to continuously improve the user experience for Cogiscan’s customers.

From my perspective, what’s better that to be in our customer’s pockets – helping them to prepare and configure their production lines and even checking their machines and production status from their mobile devices and tablets???
Be sure to check out TTC GO! for yourself to envision how it could help your production floor run more smoothly. Contact us directly.