In the complex world of manufacturing software, it is impossible for one single vendor to provide all the required functionality in one package. The optimal solution consists of several specialized systems that share common data.

The absence of standard interfaces in the electronics industry represents a major challenge to enable the factory of the future or Industry 4.0. To address this problem, Cogiscan established itself as the connectivity company, bridging the various machines and enterprise systems.

Our patented technology and neutral position enables us to create strong partnerships with industry leading equipment and software vendors. This means that we can provide a complete solution to manufacturers, enabling them to get the best possible value from each vendor specific capabilities.

These partnerships also benefit our partners, giving them a significant edge over their competition. They can focus their internal resources on their core business and rely on Cogiscan for all TTC related functions including connectivity to the outside world.

Equipment partners

Over the years we developed a series of robust and complete interfaces to all the major brands of electronics assembly equipment, ranging from laser marking/labelling, to screen printers, placement, reflow, wave, SPI, AOI, X-ray, all the way to ICT and functional test. When we develop theses interfaces we work closely with each equipment vendor to insure that the resulting interface will be supported by both sides over the long term.

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Software partners

The Cogiscan TTC middleware and related TTC applications provide high quality real-time data from the shop floor that can increase the value of any enterprise system. By creating strong partnerships with leading software vendors in the electronics industry Cogiscan has become an essential element of the global manufacturing software ecosystem.

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