Cogiscan and leading companies announce strategic RFID development project
19 February 2007
Cogiscan, in collaboration with leading equipment providers, is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic RFID development project. This project involves attaching RFID tags directly to component reels and automatically detecting these tags inside placement machines and other locations. The tagging solution will enable complete factory automation as well as future supply chain applications, potentially leading to a future industry standard.

Over the past 6 years Cogiscan has been leading the industry in terms of practical RFID applications, including the award-winning RFID smart feeder system. Leading electronics assemblers and equipment suppliers have adopted and integrated this technology in their machines and manufacturing operations. Cogiscan and other leading companies are now making a commitment to further increase the level of automation in factories, using RFID technology to eliminate the remaining manual barcode scanning process from the machine setup verification process.

List of project participants (in alphabetical order):
– Cogiscan
– Fuji
– Juki
– Siemens

For additional information please contact:
Francois Monette
V.P. Sales and Marketing
Cogiscan Inc.
Tel : 450-534-2644