Saline Lectronics to Install Factory-wide Traceability from Cogiscan
05 December 2013
BROMONT, CANADA ― December 2013 ― Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading domestic contract manufacturer, announces that it has purchased Cogiscan’s Track, Trace and Control (TTC) system. The system will allow Saline to track, trace and control the components that are placed on every single assembly down to the reference designator on the board. The order was facilitated by Dave Trail, President of Horizon Sales, and installation is expected to be complete in early 2014.

The new software and hardware system will scan and track the part number, manufacturer, manufacturer part number and date code for each component placed on the circuit board. Saline’s incumbent system was only required to track which components were used on a specific job number. Once the installation is complete, Saline will have the ability to trace components all the way to the reference designator on the PCBA and will be able to provide its customers with the complete history for every component at each reference designator.

In addition to component traceability, the Cogiscan system includes factory-wide Quality Data Collection and Repair Management. This will enable Saline to harvest critical inspection and test result data for each PCB, while ensuring that any failed unit is successfully repaired before it is allowed through subsequent operations. This will provide Saline’s customers with assured product quality, along with traceability records that prove that every single product went through all required test and inspection steps.

“Cogiscan is honored to be selected by Saline Lectronics for factory-wide Track, Trace and Control. The team at Saline demonstrates a sincere commitment to providing their customers with the highest possible levels of quality assurance and traceability, and Cogiscan looks forward to supporting these initiatives,” commented Mitch DeCaire, Cogiscan Sales Manager for the Americas.

This end-to-end traceability will enable Saline to offer the highest levels of quality assurance and traceability to its customers, especially for its target markets, which include medical and aerospace. Additionally, the implementation of factory-wide traceability will enable Saline to improve its processes and procedures. Saline will know where every board has been and who specifically has touched it.

Dave Trail, President of Horizon Sales, commented, “This new Cogiscan system is going to propel Saline Lectronics in to a very elite, small group of EMS companies that can offer full end-to-end traceability. I think the future is going to get very, very exciting!”

Saline Lectronics provides the latest manufacturing expertise including THT, SMT, BGA, microBGA and different bottom terminated component capabilities, as well as other challenging mixed-technology assemblies. For more information about Saline Lectronics’ capabilities, visit
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