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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Journey

Almost everyone in electronics manufacturing is talking about a smart factory solution. Industry 4.0, along with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology behind it, has enabled thousands of manufacturers worldwide to improve their overall operations. At a bare minimum, Industry 4.0 provides manufacturers with better visibility to what is precisely happening on the production floor. Let’s face it, a smart factory solution starts with complete M2M machine connectivity paired with meaningful data exchange for enterprise systems. And that’s a real challenge!


Connectivity is key: #butfirstCoNect 

First things first, to achieve any Industry 4.0 goal, you need complete shop floor connectivity. Cogiscan’s Co-NECT interface collects real-time data from the diverse equipment on your factory floor and then communicates that data with a wide variety of other machines as well as software systems. Accurate and complete data collection is the foundation for software enterprise applications such as MES and ERP.

Co-NECT can be used standalone or in combination with Cogiscan’s other data management and traceability application modules. 


Co-NECT on your shop floor:


Cogiscan’s Connectivity Products for Industry 4.0 also include: 

Product Flow Controller (PFC):  The PFC acts as the SMEMA “traffic cop” on the SMT Line. If there is an error found, such as invalid setup or route control issue, the PFC will stop the line and prevent the PCBA from receiving the wrong process.  

Co-NECT: Connectivity is the foundation of your Smart Factory.

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