Electronics manufacturing – Connectivity for Smart Factory

Build a stable digitalization foundation with complete connectivity.

Helping you retrieve and share machine data across your entire manufacturing ecosystem, Cogiscan’s Co-NECT platform guarantees you access to the best and most reliable factory data available. Simple and intuitive, the Co-NECT platform is a standalone, neutral connectivity interface for the electronics manufacturing industry that can run on any SMT machine or computer.


Why is Co-NECT for you?

legacy machines SMT

New & Legacy Machines:

Retrieve and share data in a mixed equipment production ecosystem

connectivity SMT SWDomain Expertise:

We’ve been building SMT machine interfaces since 2005 – invested more than 1,000 man days in our platform

SMT modular connectivityModular Approach:

Deploy as stand-alone connectivity solution or combine with other higher-level systems (ERP, MES, IIoT, AI)

connectivity data collectionReliability:

Accurate and robust data collection for intelligent analysis and actionable insights

connectivity electronics manufacturing updatesStress-Free Updates:

Install and upgrade all your connected machines from 1 PC

SMT manufacturing flexibilityFlexibility:

Supports a wide variety of communication protocols

The Factory Data Journey

Building a smarter factory from the ground up.

TTC Applications

IIoT Platform


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