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Unleashing Connectivity's Potential:
Revolutionizing PCBA Manufacturing with Co-NECT

September 6th, 2023
By Julie Cliche-Dubois & Sylvain Perron
traceability in electronics manufacturing ipc-1782 cogiscan pcba


In the fast-paced industry of PCBA manufacturing, staying ahead requires more than just production efficiency; it demands a finely tuned orchestration of processes, seamless data exchange, and real-time decision-making. As the PCBA industry marches forward in this digital age, an industry-focused connectivity solution stands out from the rest – Co-NECT. This connectivity platform is poised to transform PCBA manufacturing by harnessing the power of all types of factory connectivity, redefining how our industry operates.
cogiscan 360 traceability solution for pcba - materials, tooling, process, data, defects, genealogy, repairs

The Co-NECT Advantage for PCBA Manufacturing

Designed specifically for the PCBA industry, Co-NECT offers a comprehensive and modular platform to unify and optimize the various facets of manufacturing. It unlocks data and creates an interconnected environment that empowers manufacturers to gain unparalleled levels of operational efficiency & control, independently of a machines brand or vintage.

Enabling seamless retrieval and sharing of raw machine data throughout your entire manufacturing ecosystem, Cogiscan’s Co-NECT platform ensures access to the most accurate and trustworthy factory data. Serving as an independent and unbiased connectivity interface, Co-NECT is tailored for the electronics manufacturing sector, compatible with a wide range of SMT machines such as Placement Machines, AOIs, SPIs, AXIs, Stencil Printers, Reflow Ovens, Storage Towers and more (partial list available here).

Trusted by tier 1 EMS leaders worldwide, Co-NECT is the key instrument to unlocking assembly line data using Industry 4.0 protocols (IPC-CAMX, IPC-CFX, SECS/GEM, etc.), as well as existing APIs and recognized brokers (MQTT, AMQP, etc.).
cogiscan 360 traceability solution for pcba - materials, tooling, process, data, defects, genealogy, repairs
Co-NECT’s flexibility means it can be implemented either as a standalone connectivity solution or integrated seamlessly with other advanced systems such as ERP, MES, IIoT, and AI.

Empowering Manufacturers

PCBA manufacturing is all about precision and timing. Co-NECT provides manufacturers with the ability to monitor every stage of the assembly process in real time with near-zero latency. This means that any anomalies or disruptions are detected instantly, enabling swift responses that minimize downtime and keep production on track.

Due to the diversity of electronics manufacturing environments, the Co-NECT platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, accommodating the unique needs of different manufacturing realities. Seamlessly integrating into existing systems and arbitrary databases, Co-NECT helps to ensure a seamless transition to a connected, Industry 4.0-inspired future.

A standout advantage of Co-NECT is the adaptable architecture, enabling simultaneous transmission of data from a single machine to diverse systems and other machines, each employing varying protocols. Simply, Co-NECT has the capability to publish data from a machine in multiple standards concurrently. This flexible approach not only streamlines communication across different platforms but also maximizes interoperability, making Co-NECT an essential tool for harmonizing data exchange within any manufacturing ecosystem.

Embedded with the option to utilize REST APIs for sending commands to machines, Co-NECT fosters open and seamless integrations with 3rd party systems. This functionality allows Co-NECT to effortlessly connect with a wide array of machines and systems, promoting a unified flow of data and information. By embracing REST APIs, Co-NECT facilitates straightforward and efficient interactions, making this platform an invaluable asset for enhancing collaboration within the manufacturing ecosystem.

Shaping the Future… Now

Co-NECT isn't just a technology; it's a catalyst for transformation. In a landscape where innovation and efficiency are paramount, electronics manufacturers of all sizes are embracing Co-NECT to elevate their operations. As the industry continues to evolve, the demand for higher productivity, lower costs, and superior quality becomes ever more urgent, making solutions like Co-NECT indispensable.

In conclusion, Co-NECT is the epitome of connectivity's potential in PCBA manufacturing. As the industry journeys into an era marked by digitization and innovation, Co-NECT stands as the beacon guiding PCBA manufacturers towards a brighter, more connected future.

Meet the authors

Julie Cliche-Dubois
Product Manager – Cogiscan Solutions
Sylvain Perron
Product Manager – Technology Partnerships
Co-NECT - Product Sheet
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