Factory Intelligence – Analytics

Electronics manufacturing

Advanced Analytics Dashboards for Smart Factory 

Gain insights, identify key improvement opportunities & drive corrective actions.

Factory Intelligence Analytics provides web-based dashboards for visualization of metrics related to the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) model, including Quality, Availability, and Performance. The Drill Down feature provides extensive data analysis and customized metrics so you can achieve a smooth-running manufacturing operation by optimizing quality and performance of your most critical machines on the SMT line.

Why should you use Factory Intelligence Analytics?

Boosts your factory OEE:

Optimize machine and line availability, quality, and performance.

Simplifies decision-making:

Use hard data to justify equipment investments and effectively plan production capacity.

Encourages continuous improvements:

Provide actionable intelligence to quickly identify and eliminate problem areas.

Improve manufacturing efficiency:

Optimize machine usage by eliminating bottlenecks and minimizing downtime.

The Factory Data Journey

Building a smarter factory from the ground up.

TTC Applications

IIoT Platform


Both modules are included in Factory Intelligence Analytics


Historical reporting & analyses based on the OEE model.

Drill Down

 Extensive data analysis and personalized metrics

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