Factory Intelligence – Real-Time

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Factory Intelligence in Real-Time for Smart Factory 

Efficiently monitor line and machine performance in your entire factory.

Factory Intelligence (FI) Real-Time gives you an up-to-date snapshot of what’s happening across your entire production floor. Get the current status of all lines and machines, track work order progress, and view detailed machine-specific metrics for both line performance and product quality.

Why should you use Factory Intelligence Real-Time?

Provides complete visibility:

Provides complete visibility across the factory floor, making it easy to keep up with what’s going on at all times.

Improves accessibility:

Factory Intelligence’s centralized, easily accessible dashboards provide you with at-a-glance status updates from anywhere: from the factory, home office, or even on the road.

Offers enhanced flexibility:

With FI, you’ll be able to view data at the factory, line and machine level, with configurable metrics for each line and machine – so you can quickly view what’s relevant to you.

Improves overall efficiency:

No more calling, emailing or texting colleagues – checking production status is as simple as loading a web page from any device.

The Factory Data Journey

Building a smarter factory from the ground up.

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