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We’re Thrilled to Announce that Greg Benoit is Now Director - Product Management

November 15, 2022
We’re thrilled to announce the promotion of Greg Benoit to Director – Product Management. As one of Cogiscan’s go-to colleagues, Greg’s thoughtful opinions and strategic recommendations have helped to shape Cogiscan’s key milestones and initiatives over the last several years.

With over 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, Greg has held various positions in sales, IT, marketing and product management for leading equipment and software vendors such as Universal Instruments, Panasonic, and iTAC Software AG. Greg is therefore ideally suited to lead Cogiscan’s product management team moving forward with his deep technical knowledge of the entire Cogiscan product portfolio coupled with his understanding of our market’s ever-changing needs and evolution.

Greg gained vast and relevant experience in different roles and companies prior to joining Cogiscan, which makes him the ideal candidate for this role. With his clear vision, innovative ideas and boundless energy, Greg will encourage synergistic development with the product management members and ensure alignment with our customers’ needs.
André Corriveau, Chief Innovation Officer, Cogiscan
Moving forward, Greg will guide the product management team to incorporate direct feedback from the market – product managers will now be involved in market and competitive analyses, product positioning, external promotions, as well as sales tool developments and trainings. In short, this team will have the pulse of the acute needs of our industry to better develop product solutions.
Greg has an innate sense of asking the right questions to better understand what our customers truly need. His natural curiosity and caring nature extend to his team too – he’s really good at helping others realize their full potential.
Sylvain Perron, Product Manager – Technology Partnerships, Cogiscan
In this new role Greg will also closely manage all efforts related to incorporating iTAC’s MES/MOM and AI-powered analytics platform within Cogiscan’s scope and market.
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