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The IMS is an advanced solution for the management of incoming materials to properly validate and verify components before bringing them into production. This precise, fast, and fully integrated system tracks and records all incoming details.
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Incoming Material Station
per reel* (time to scan)
Embedded in the station is a camera that takes a picture of each material item (reel, cut-tape, tray, etc.) and stores them in an easily accessible database – available for quick reference in the case of a supplier quality issue that requires visualization.
Saves up to
Very quick

Low investment with immediate ROI
*Tested against a standard reel with 7 linear codes + 1 datamatrix. Includes scanning time and manual editing when needed.
Key Features

One-step solution for automatic & accurate material registration
With a single click, the system will:
  1. create a UID for every single reel or package
  2. take & store an image
  3. read and import the supplier’s label
  4. register in connected database
  5. update POs, as needed
  6. print internal label
  7. send data to ERP.
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Fully Integrated
The IMS is fully integrated with Cogiscan’s material control application, including the popular automated storage integration solution.
Eliminate Human
By reducing the number of steps, the IMS reduces both mislabeling & scanning errors while also improving Operator efficiency.
Save Time
and Money
One-shot simultaneous camera scanning of supplier barcodes saves time – instantly validate & storing of incoming materials streamlines registration process.
Storage Tower Integration
Looking for another way to boost productivity? We also offer a storage tower integration solution that enables complete integration between storage towers and placement machines. It simplifies the kitting of large work orders, dispensing required reels with a single click of a button. We've seen up to 10% increase in productivity with this simple integration.

Our solution supports 20+ brands of
Placement Machines & Storage Towers
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