Material Control

PCB Assembly – Material Control for Smart Factory

Optimize your production by keeping your lines fed and running.

Cogiscan’s specialized manufacturing inventory management software provides extensive features to keep your factory floor running smoothly. By tracking the quantity and location of all materials in real time, our software will ensure materials are available exactly when and where you need them, eliminating downtime due to missing materials.

Why should you use our factory inventory management software?

Reduces inventory costs:

Reduces inventory costs through accurate usage and shop-floor inventory data to prevent the procurement of excess material.

Optimizes production performance:

Reduces downtime due to missing material & improves changeover time by eliminating time spent searching for components.

Improves PCB quality:

Guarantees the correct components & consumables are used for every product, and prevents expired material from being used in production.

Eliminates production contamination:

Isolates and flags quarantined materials to ensure they don’t get used in your production.

Provides complete visibility:

With real-time tracking of inventory locations and quantities, you can have a complete view of your inventory levels.

Reduces waste:

Eliminates unnecessary movement of material, tools, and employees.

The Factory Data Journey

Building a smarter factory from the ground up.

TTC Applications

IIoT Platform


These modules are included in our Material Control application.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory tracking for the exact location, quantity, and status of all material throughout the factory.

Kitting Control

Automate and error-proof the material kitting for all production jobs.

LCR Control

Verify the electrical characteristics of components at reception or during line setup.

Quarantine Control

Set rules to ensure products will not be built with defective or unwanted materials.

Time Sensitive Material Control

Automate the management of consumables with special requirements.