We’ve been acquired!

17 February 2021

We’ve been acquired by the Dürr Group, via iTAC Software AG, in an effort to expand their Digitalization solutions. We will continue to operate independently on the market.

The acquisition of Cogiscan is an important step in expanding our MES business,” says Dr. Jochen Weyrauch, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management of Dürr AG. “This will help us become even more flexible in marketing and better able to establish connectivity between a customer’s machinery and our MES applications. This increases the attractiveness of our MES range. In addition, we can significantly strengthen our market presence in North America.”

With our deep domain expertise in the area of machine connectivity, analytics and factory automation software, we will leverage our synergies to offer the best and broadest range of smart factory solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry.

“Digitalization is one of the Dürr Group’s core competencies and offers great potential for growth. With the acquisition of Cogiscan, we will be adding a strong team of experts and key technologies to the Digital Factory, which is a cross-divisional virtual organization for joint development of digital products within the Dürr Group,” explains Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG.

We believe this change is incredibly positive for our customers, partners, and employees – we see it enhancing our relationships and making them even more valuable. Our position as the neutral third-party connectivity company coupled with our network of machine and software partners is a key element of what attracted Dürr to Cogiscan in the first place, so naturally they want us to accelerate this strategy.

“We feel that this is a perfect fit for both companies, and we look forward to this new stage in our corporate history,” said Vincent Dubois, CEO of Cogiscan and co-founder of the company.

To get the full details, please read Dürr’s press release here.