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Get a holistic view of your entire manufacturing operations.

An integrated system that monitors productivity across a manufacturer’s global operation is a game-changer in today’s competitive environment. Centralizing real-time data capture from the entire manufacturing process provides both instantaneous feedback and deep analytics on all materials and equipment in use.  This allows you to troubleshoot and adapt on the fly, with minimal cost or downtime. This ability to quickly respond to concerns before they escalate ensures quality and on-time delivery, thus providing a significant edge over your competition. Cogiscan’s Factory Intelligence application is the perfect management tool to get a holistic view of your entire manufacturing operations.


Factory Intelligence

Factory Intelligence is a web-based dashboard that allows users to efficiently monitor line and machine performance. Users can quickly identify any deviation from expected performance, drill down to the root cause for planning corrective actions in order to ensure that all assets will be used in optimal conditions, at all times. 


Cogiscan’s Factory Intelligence application comes in two formats:

Factory Intelligence – Real Time measures and monitors productivity per machine and per line, throughout the factory, and also from site to site. It provides a valuable overview of global productivity and identifies where to apply corrective action in Real-Time. 

Factory Intelligence – Analytics  automatically calculates and visually displays key metrics related to the three components of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Model:

  • namely availability
  • performance
  • quality.

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, the Factory Intelligence dashboard analyzes and compares metrics and KPIs over equipment assets and periods of time.


Our application is designed for in-depth production historical analysis and features:

  • An extensive library of ready to use dashboards and reports 
  • Tools to create user specific analytics 
  • Possible integration of the Analytics data with third-party Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard applications via a standard OLAP layer (Online Analytical Processing) 


Factory Intelligence on your shop floor:

  • Establish objective and measurable real-time KPIs with drill-down views at various levels – from factory, to line, to machine 
  • Discover quantifiable data that will be the source of continuous production improvements 
  • Increase productivity through enhanced machine and line management 
  • Reduce inefficiency and waste with customizable and automated warnings to alert staff of any changing conditions  


Our modules:

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