Solutions Overview
At Cogiscan, we believe factory digitalization shouldn’t be complicated. With that in mind we offer a modular, or step-by-step approach, to help you transform your manufacturing operation from the ground up.

No matter where you are on the road to factory digitalization, we have a solution for you.
The Factory Data Journey

Optimize your factory today with our pragmatic and flexible smart factory solutions.
IIoT Platform
We understand the smart factory looks different for every customer, so we work with you to identify what makes the most sense for your operation. Together, we’ll set achievable goals and implement solutions that allow you to experience and measure results quickly.
Laying A Stable Foundation:

Connectivity is the foundation to any factory digitalization initiative – without proper data collection, there is no smart factory.
Our connectivity solutions include both software and hardware products to help you accurately connect all your machines and SW systems in your factory, regardless of brand, model or protocol requirements. Including the Co-NECT platform, Cogiscan’s connectivity offerings are a simple way to start building your connectivity strategy.
Data Management

After establishing a connectivity solution, the next logical step is to make sense of all your collected shop floor data. Our Data Management solution aggregates, normalizes, and centralizes collected data. Most importantly, our solution contextualizes the data – providing domain appropriate enrichment to effectively use it. Our open architecture allows you to easily share data with the applications and systems that require it.
TTC Applications

Leveraging data to improve your factory’s performance with:
Building a successful strategy:
Material & Process
In electronics manufacturing, material can make up to 80% of your cost. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the right material in the right place at the right time in order to keep your floor running smoothly and efficiently. Cogiscan’s Material & Process Control modules keep your machines running so you don’t have to worry about wasted time and ultimately, lost dollars.
360° Traceability

What used to be simply an insurance policy in case of a recall, traceability is now a must-have as it provides unparalleled insight into what exactly happens on your factory floor.

Our 360° Traceability Application offers fast and accurate product, material and process traceability to help you demonstrate the quality of your products to your customers.

At Cogiscan, we have a saying “You cannot improve what you do not measure”. Depending on your needs, our Factory Intelligence applications offer complete visualization and analyses to provide you with comprehensive information on your smart factory.

This award-winning software is an advanced analytics tool for electronics manufacturers who want to better monitor and improve factory performance to drive intelligent actions.
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